Sunday, August 18, 2013

Spotting Trends at the Las Vegas Furniture Market

I had a chance to visit the World Furniture market summer event in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago. Especially focused on the trends, I couldn't help but notice a few recurring themes that were also big at the Kitchen and Bath Industry (KBIS) show. Whether it be faucets, light pendants or furniture frames, metal surfaces are gleaming with sheen. Lots of high polished gold, platinum and chrome were an obvious hit in the most vibrant showrooms.

In terms of style, the mid century modern look still prevails. Some of the popular color combos of the time are the hot choices of today. I'm referring to orange with avocado and olive greens and the turquoise, aqua teal family. These colors schemes are everywhere in fabrics, wall coverings,  area rugs and table top accessories.

But I was definitely drawn to the new color on the block that had a major presence at the show. A new shade of yellow is having it's heyday. It's not a sunshine variety but the more earthy raw umber or dijon mustard hue. I like the way it mixes with it's complement, a purplish plum that speaks old European charm or a combat green that gives it a modern twist.

When I got back to my studio I immediately rifled through our product lines and spotted some excellent examples that fit the 2013 color ways.