One can just imagine how many things happen on a daily basis in the course of running a business. Whether it be something calling for attention in our workshops or a conversation with a customer, there's all kinds of hats to be worn in the space of a working day.

Very often we'll have a consultation about a home decor project or feedback from a customer that will trigger a new design idea. It can be a about choosing a matching knob and pull to use for a kitchen remodel or selecting the right finial size for a window treatment. Or maybe it's a discussion about restoring an old desk. It can even be just a casual chat about decorating trends and consumer spending. 

From the tidbit to the attention grabber, I began to realize that there are many topics that can be shared with visitors who come to our website.  That's how I discovered the beauty of the blog.

Hence the creation of Pure Goldstick. A freedom that reaches a little beyond the website, the format of the blog is irresistible. It allows me to address current concerns, thoughts and maybe just a little bit of fun, all in the spirit of sharing design ideas and other jabber.

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