Sunday, February 23, 2014

The New Place

Greetings -- Welcome to our new home!
For those customers who have visited before, I just want to assure you that yes, your search has taken you to the right place. This is our new residence and I urge you come in and look around.

Launching a new web site is very similar to moving to a new home. Quite literally the process is the same. First you have to take a real hard look around the old place and assess what you want to keep and those treasures you want to take with you. Then you have to find the proper place to put everything, all the while mindful of  keeping things modern and uncluttered. Decorating the new space is a lot of work but it definitely has it's rewards. I love the new look for old favorites. Much like a fresh coat of paint, everything looks lively and more vibrant.
                                         Eel sunflower pull posed in a seashell on our old site.
Eel Sunflower pull is a  radiant beauty on our new site.

Search Box and Tags
I'm hoping my returning customers will appreciate some of the new features on our site, particularly the Search box and Tags - two ways to search that makes shopping easy. There's the search box where you  put in your words. And then there is the less familiar "find similar products by tag" which gives you our words to do your search. Either way if you can't find what you're looking for, you can always give us a ring or email us.  We have a new site and our goal is to provide the same conscientious service that our customers have always appreciated.