Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A New Twist For Our Jitterbug Desk

I've been eager to create a furniture piece that juxtaposes rich colors with wood stains, particularly a weathered wood or wired brush effect.

I've seen a little bit of this concept here and there but mostly with latex or chalk paints and nothing particularly interesting about the furniture piece itself.

So the opportunity to create our Jitterbug desk with this concept was an exciting challenge. I love when a customer is receptive to trying something completely fresh and new. The desk was the just the right project. It offered perfect placement for our jewel tone color finishes which I mapped out on the drawers and curvy cabriole legs, We left the greater surface areas such as the top, sides, back and chair well for the wood stain treatment. My cabinetmaker even used a different wood for these areas so the grain would be more pronounced.

At first my customer was concerned that we may be compromising too much of the piece to wood grain and not leaving enough for our signature paint treatments. But I assured her that the desk would have a good dose of artwork including her favorite rose and mosaic patterns that she specified.

I absolutely love the paint color palette. Ruby, deep gold, amber and silver look awesome with the gray tones of the wood stain. We made up congo light knobs and pulls in a custom color scheme that added a nice contrast with the drawers.

Choosing between knobs and pulls was a tough
decision and I eventually decided to use a
combination of the two.