Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Quiet Red

 It's almost an oxymoron of sorts, Passion, heat and warning are all intense associations with red. So how do we quiet it down? You have to add a little brown or a complementary color to the mix to arrive at a subdued shade.
And that's what we'll see in the stores next year. Marsala is the chosen Pantone color for 2015. Rich, deep and earthy, it will be a fave in every venue from nail salons to the runways.

This elegant hue has a special place in home decor that captures the mood of seasonal color schemes. Put it with golds and oranges and you get an autumn palette or layer it with hunter green to feel the spirit of winter, Combine it with pale pinks and pastels to bring on the lightness of spring or step into the summer heat and match it up with a hot lipstick red.

I'm generally not drawn to monochromatic color schemes but the paint treatment on the Poppy lamp is a winner for me. The artwork uses a soft reddish brown combined with a bright rouge red and pale blush. Silver metal details and the poinsettia silk shade give it that extra oomph! 

Add the presence of a bronze green or pearly white as we did in these square knob prototypes. Both color combos are popular and easily integrated into interior decorating themes.
Cherry wood with a reddish stain, white cabinetry, or even black would be a fantastic backdrop for these little treasures. Gold metal details and smoke topaz crystals are a pretty sweet accent with wood flooring.

The 36" Aurora mirror frame is a display of our jewel tone ruby and agate brown paint treatment. The illusion of the two colors side by side fools the eye to read a marsala red.

In keeping with the theme of our jewel-tone names, our marsala hue will be coined light  garnet. Hardly a "quiet" red, this is bound to be a big color for our line in 2015.