Saturday, August 5, 2017

1967 Summer of Love and All That Color!

The latest exhibit at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco* held a bit of irony for me. Growing up in Detroit, the summer of 1967 marked the devastating racial riots that left deep scars on the city. But across the country a revolutionary counter culture was brewing that inevitably gave birth to a unique and iconic art scene.

Bygone Color Palettes
For the most part, the San Francisco 1967 summer experience was all about the acid trip. It was LSD that toyed with the mind's interpretation of color and gave us a whole new array of intense exaggerated hues, aptly described as "psychedelic".

Do we ever see a trace of these colors in today's fashions and styles? I see bits of chartreuse green and electric blue in athletic wear, particularly shoes. Then of course there's all that magenta pink in T-Mobile ads and the hot pink ribbons of the Breast Cancer Foundation. Tekkie accessories tend to get a little bright and the true attention getter is the tangerine traffic cone.  It seems the brilliant colors of the 60's have a fairly modest influence on modern culture.

Make It Move
Unlike today's digital printing, the lithograph, the art medium of the day, was a complicated process and there was a lot of experimenting with the behavior of inks.

Movement or the illusion of motion was a sought after effect. Typefaces were stretched and shrunken into bubble like spaces and overlapping inks literally caused images to jump and tweak. Select ink color combinations responded like movie frames to exterior lights, while ink splayed acetate was projected onto walls in a rhythm of swirling colors.  Every effect was a means of enhancing and capturing the LSD trip, all the while exposing and educating the inexperienced to the hallucinogens of the day.

Where Oh Where?
Inviting these brilliant colors into today's living environment can be a challenge. Other than fringe on a throw pillow and outdoor tableware, these psychedelic colors are fairly scarce in home decor. I took a bold step when I reupholstered a chair with a vibrant animal print for our living room. It has the presence of a glowing fireplace when the sun hits it and is an exciting addition the room's ambience.

My Brights 
I have some brilliant pigments that I've been hesitant to use in our paint palettes. Our periwinkle purple is probably our most vivid hue. However it does settle down as it cures and actually becomes more subdued over time.

Colors That Wave
Today's Boho fashion mingles pattern, and colors in all shapes and forms, but misses the motion ingredient of 60's poster art.

Paint treatments that dance with the changing light is our specialty that we apply to all our furniture finishes. So I can definitely appreciate the color motion notion of the era.

My Infatuation
Maybe I'll do some experimenting with my untouched cache of bright jewel tones as a tribute to the fossil colors of the 60s. I just have to figure out where to start? An eye popping citrine green cabinet knob could be the perfect addition to an ultra modern decor. A new trend awaits!

*The Summer of Love exhibit ends August 20th and I highly recommend a visit.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"We Are Fam-i-ly...

...I Got All My Sisters With Me"
A lyric from a Sister Sledge song so easily describes how our knobs hang together so well.  Each knob is a little work of art; sculpted, painted and delicately hand crafted. Although design details will vary in color, metal accents and glimmering crystals, I'm always amazed that a group of distinctively different knobs are compatible.
No doubt they all share similar unifying characteristics that make up a family! 

Understandably it can be a temptation to want to use a variety of knob styles on a single piece of furniture. I'm not always an advocate of using this theme with furniture pieces because it can interfere with the integrity of the overall design. However there are some situations where this scheme has spot-on appeal.

Originally designed to accommodate potions and elixirs, apothecary cabinets have rows of small drawers  generally no larger than 6 x 6". It may be antiquated but as long as there's a need for organizing little things into little drawers, the apothecary chest is a style that has staying power.

Turn the Ordinary into Extraordinary
The rustic surface of the drawers dolled up with elaborate knobs give this cabinet a modern Boho touch where combining a mixture of textures and colors has an eclectic appeal. 

A Bargain Too
The best part of this DIY project was that the customer was able to select knobs from our web store's one-of-a-kind hardware section where closeout knobs are discounted.
The Family Stars
Knobs are 1.5" diameter and include Nu  Duchess, Nu Duo,
Nu Ivy, Nu Iris, Nu Tiki, Nu Poppy and Nu Mini Styles 9, 11 and 12.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Everything Elsa - Decorating for a Disney Princess

All little girls have their favorite Disney princess. It was a conversation with my hairstylist that got me thinking about this subject. We were discussing how little girls like to dress and she mentioned that her 5 year old was obsessed with Frozen or more specifically "everything Elsa".  I get it. Clothed in a flowing gown of rippling shades of aqua and shimmering diamond like sequins, Elsa is beautiful.

But it's not only her appearance that mesmerizes. Elsa is surrounded in a imaginative landscape of magnificent shades of blue, lavender and icy white. The creation of a talented team of Disney set designers and artists, there's no doubt the background was intended to give the full "Elsa"experience.
Home Decor for a Princess 
So how does Susan Goldstick merchandise fit into this picture? Jewel-tone colors and shimmering crystals will add spark to any princess decor. I had some fun looking through our line of decorative accents and found some fantastic embellishments sure to make a princess Elsa fan a happy girl!

Unique cabinet knobs and pulls make it special.
Dresser drawers, closet doors and bathroom vanities are all great places to add decorative hardware in rich blues, aqua and dazzling purples. 
Bundle Duchess pull in periwinkle
and silver with crystal 
Nu mini Style #1 knob
in opal with crystal
Parfum knob and medallion
in light sapphire blue and periwinkle
Mini Style #1 knob in
lapis blue with crystal

Petit square knob
in periwinkle
Nu mini style #11 knob in
lapis blue and periwinkle
Orbit Style #6 pull
in lapis blue with crystal

Orbit duchess pull with matching
duchess knob in turquoise with crystal.
Nu mini style #2 knob
in lapis blue with crystal
Petit Square Style #3 knob
in lapis blue
Fancy switch covers with crystals and dazzling paint treatments - very princess like!
Glass triple toggle switch cover
in Aqua paint finish
Cleo single toggle switch
cover in lapis blue with
crystals and silver details.

Glass single toggle switch
cover in light sapphire blue
Bloomer double decora switch cover
in periwinkle with crystals 

Window Treatments with whimsical finials add a magical touch to princess decor.
Traverse Drapery rod with Birdie
finial in periwinkle and crystals
Jumbo Isabella drapery finial
in lapis blue and pearly white
can be used with drapery rods
or attached to bedposts. 
 Lighting that emits a soft lavender glow - the perfect aura for a princess.

Hand painted Petunia table lamp
with silk bell shade in orchid
Hand painted Blue Betty table
lamp with silk cube shade in orchid

Painted Furniture-You can't get more "princess"than this!
Hand painted Diva Armoire in aqua,
periwinkle and lapis blue with sculpted
finials and jeweled knobs.
Hand painted Tango Tower in
aqua amethyst, periwinkle and 
lapis blue with jeweled knobs.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Greenery - This Year's Pantone Hottie

The Icon of Spring 

Think expansive lawns, leafy forests and fertile fields ripe with new growth. A vibrant shade with a tinge of yellow, Pantone's pick for the 2017 color of the year evokes rejuvenation and a revitalizing spirit, a reconnection with nature. 

It's easy to welcome this color in home decor where large windows and open spaces allow you to let the outside mingle with your interior space, enriching the ambience of the room. Just like a sky blue, greenery is a color that's ever present - especially if you live in a tropical climate or on a golf course! 

Abstract fun with eel cabinet pulls in peacock colors.

For the Birds
Designing product with this color holds a unique fascination for me where I look to the animal kingdom for inspiration. Peacocks, birds of paradise and teal ducks all sport feathers in this particular shade of green. From a creative viewpoint I love the boldness of the color and immediately want to pair it with rich saturated blues adding purple and aqua for some extra kick. 

Both exotic and mesmerizing this color scheme can have the same effect on a room's decor. It also has a masculine appeal, maybe deriving from the phenom that only males wear this magnificent plumage. Men definitely like to put blue and green together, probably a taste ingrained from childhood. Certainly it's the traditional color combination of choice for decorating boy's rooms.

Always Eye-catching                     
We have and continue to apply this radiant color palette to many of our products, including cabinet knobs, furniture and lamps. Whether it's a paint finish or silk, it all comes together in way that never disappoints. There's no doubt "greenery plus blue" has an electric magnetism that speaks for itself.
Pictured above:
Petit knobs command extra attention mounted on painted medallions.

Pictured left: 
Pixie Lamp with silk shade 22"h

Pictured below: 
Barcelona dresser with unique cabinet hardware and finials

But then again, I'm reminded that I also enjoy seeing this bright "greenery" color as a stand alone star with warm earthy browns and beige tones as the supporting actors. 


Jitterbug coffee table 
with cabriole legs 
mimics the plumage of 
a green winged teal bird. 


Friday, April 28, 2017

Color and Pattern Placement - the key to what's trending in Home Decor

Wall covering mimics the artwork on a Susan Goldstick Casablanca bed.
I couldn't help getting a little excited as I leafed through the May issue of Elle Decor magazine. Manufactures are displaying some pretty daring ads, crossing new boundaries in design. Just as you see in the world of fashion, the emphasis on bold and colorful prints is huge! No doubt the boho look has taken the home furnishing industry by storm. Be it botanical, graphic or abstract, there's no bias toward a particular color, but more like a new freedom on how it's all put together.

Rythme sofa by Roche Bobois
Leopold chartreuse wall paper Designers Guild
The Sky's the Limit
It's a risk-taking I haven't seen in years. Furniture, wall coverings, flooring, bedding... every designer is doing an interesting twist with color blocking and pattern. Chairs and sofas are upholstered in multiple fabrics mixing bold splashy prints with solids while intense colors like chartreuse and magenta have a dominance in floor and wall coverings.
Surya Bombay Ivory Fuschia round rug 8'
Heart and Soul
Of course I'm loving it all. This new trend speaks to the very essence of my design sense touching on passion for color and strategic placement of patterns. Using decorative hardware in an arbitrary fashion just adds to the fun and is a key component in many a Susan Goldstick furniture design where a knob or finial is sure to pop up in the most unusual places.

10" Birdie finial stands in the corner of the Ritz media cabinet where multiple paint finishes come together.

Birdie finial loaded with dots sits in the corner of a Barcelona dresser where the ledge is covered in artful scrolls. 
Erte Knob sits amidst energetic artwork on a  Barcelona bed headboard.. 
Next of Kin
So how do I take my designs a step further and join the momentum that's got the home furnishing industry immersed in this new explosion of color, pattern and design? Let's just say I'm exploring an exaggerated style of decorative hardware that I envision on both cabinetry and furniture.  For now I call it the super knob... coming soon.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Decorating with One-of-a-Kind Finials

 How to use a one-of-a-kind knob or finial in a decorating scheme can be puzzling. Of course there's always a cabinet with a solitary drawer that can use some spiffing up or a bare newel post at the end of the staircase. That's the easy stuff.
 I'm always amazed at some of the creative ideas that arise when trying to figure out how to use or where to put that one precious item that you're determined needs a place in your decor.

Now that's Clever
I'm always thinking of ways to display our finials. Hand sculpted, hand painted and standing 8" in height, they're truly works of art.  I remember  I happened to come across these large 5" jacks in a store and thought they would make great pedestals - an unusual display and very effective.
Another time I thought it would be cool to put a finial in a glass bowl, similar to an aquarium affect.  I think I borrowed the idea from a restaurant that had a single gerbera daisy resting inside a glass jar.

There's always the grand way of displaying a painting from a cord using the finial as the anchor. This works well with a knob too if you use a dowel screw. I am often quick to point out that our tiebacks make great hooks for hanging jewelry, evening bags and the like.

Doors that pull open and close such as closet doors are perfect for our knobs, pulls and even finials. This Jumbo Isabella finial is attached to a French door.                                                                             

I've even tossed a knob into a stash of collectibles from anything to shells, rocks, beach glass, etc. Believe it or not, the knobs look right at home in a grouping of found objects!