Friday, September 19, 2014

Designer Kitchen Pulls It All Together

It was a feature in a 1993 Spring Market issue of Interior Design Magazine that made our cabinet knobs known throughout the home furnishings industry. I'm often reminded how important interior designers are to our business. Professional, creative and risk taking, I love the way they approach their projects, particularly attentive to the little details that make a big statement.

Some interior designers have an incredible flair for putting together unusual color schemes. A perfect example is this Alexandria Louisiana custom kitchen designed by Kyle Downs. She picked out an awesome mosaic tile Oceanside Glass Meredian in a palette that combines iridescent aqua and canary gold with candy apple red. A complementary Vibrato pattern is used in the adjoining utility room and wine pantry.

We created a knob and handle with the focus on the blue and gold to contrast against the white cabinet faces and I just love the way the red crystals add a little extra pop of color.

I'm excited to see the whole thing come together with the glass switch covers that we made up in a custom red paint finish. To be continued for sure...