Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Portraits of a Nu Lily Knob

Many people don't realize what it means for us to customize a knob to match your decor. It's really unnecessary to alter the structure or architecture of the knob, when color plays an integral part of the design.

In our case the composition of each knob offers a resin, metal and crystal color.This presents a lot of variables,each one just as pretty as the other. Just like tweezing an eyebrow- each little tweak offers a significant change to the look, feel and even the style of the knob.
Nu Lily knob 1.5 In.diameter with crystalNu Lily knob 1.5 in. diameter with crystal

Nu lily 1.5 in.diameter knob in periwinkle and amethyst crystal

I'm not surprised that Interior Designers have always been partial to our Nu Lily knob, maybe due to its versatile 1.5" diameter size and the intricacy of the design.
Nu Lily knob 1.5 in. diameter in opal and light gold with topaz crystalNu Lily Knob 1.5 in. diameter in lilac with crystal

I love the way  the delicate crystal offers just the right measure of shimmer and color. And I'm always amazed at how different metal colors affect the decorative tone of the knob.
Nu lily kno 1.5 in.diameter in periwinkle and pinkNu lily knob 1.5 in.diameter in emerald green with amethyst crystal
Silver metal treatments tend to make the knob look more modern or contemporary. While the gold metal details offer a more traditional feel to the color scheme.

Nu lily knob 1.5 in. diameter in turquoise teal with crystalNu lily kno 1.5 in. diameter in alabaster white with crystal.

 As much as I enjoy seeing the Nu Lily in so many fashionable color combinations, I have to admit it has just as much charm dressed in all white.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Oldies but Goodies - Decorative Hardware from our Archives

Orbit Grand Tiki pulls in gold, black and periwinkle.

You can just imagine how many knobs and pulls we've created over the course of 20 years and occasionally we get a request for an item, that well -  we just haven't seen for awhile. A customer may be looking to match a knob they purchased a while ago, or one of our retailers may ask for a knob on their Susan Goldstick display that hasn't been updated. Most typically we get a request from someone who spotted a knob or handle in one of our printed catalogs that we used to publish regularly.
We  referred to the mini style 7 knob as our M & M knob.

 There are many different reasons why a manufacturer my retire a product - out of style, discontinued parts, not profitable, too difficult to produce and sometimes it may just compete with another product. Regardless, we try to oblige these requests whenever possible. I have to admit  it's kind of fun seeing these designs emerge from the workshop. It motivates me to  revisit some of the knobs and pulls from the archives and contemplate whether I should bring back a favorite from yesterday and turn an oldie into a newbie.
The nu duo  has one of my favorite colors schemes.
We called them "show stoppers " Parfum knobs have  2.5"projections.  

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Color it yours! Custom Paint Finishes for Glass Switch Covers is our Specialty

Double glass switch plate has custom paint finish created to match mosaic glass tile.
There's a bounty of beautiful glass tiles in the marketplace today that have fast become the most popular design choices for both kitchens and bathrooms. Recently I attended the opening of an exquisite new showroom in San Francisco's design district and was blown away by their selection. Art Deco, mid century modern, urban, eclectic - wow -there's a glass tile style to satisfy every decor genre. It's a magnificent statement worthy of an elegant detail. And you guessed it, this is where glass switch covers are a natural fit.

I'm particularly fascinated with the mosaic designs because they pose so many color options. We offer 15 choices from our jewel- tone palette covering a broad spectrum of colors that range from the soft pale hues to the deep and bold.
Jewel Tone Glass Color Palette
But as one may suspect there's always going to be a situation where we just don't have the right match. This is when the request for custom colors comes into play. I like the challenge because it's exciting to invent a new hue and we're pretty confident that we can come up with the right mix. To get the process started, we'll ask  our customers to send us their sample tile, or sometimes even a photo will do. Of course they should realize that custom colors may incur an up charge for the special service.