Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"We Are Fam-i-ly...

...I Got All My Sisters With Me"
A lyric from a Sister Sledge song so easily describes how our knobs hang together so well.  Each knob is a little work of art; sculpted, painted and delicately hand crafted. Although design details will vary in color, metal accents and glimmering crystals, I'm always amazed that a group of distinctively different knobs are compatible.
No doubt they all share similar unifying characteristics that make up a family! 

Understandably it can be a temptation to want to use a variety of knob styles on a single piece of furniture. I'm not always an advocate of using this theme with furniture pieces because it can interfere with the integrity of the overall design. However there are some situations where this scheme has spot-on appeal.

Originally designed to accommodate potions and elixirs, apothecary cabinets have rows of small drawers  generally no larger than 6 x 6". It may be antiquated but as long as there's a need for organizing little things into little drawers, the apothecary chest is a style that has staying power.

Turn the Ordinary into Extraordinary
The rustic surface of the drawers dolled up with elaborate knobs give this cabinet a modern Boho touch where combining a mixture of textures and colors has an eclectic appeal. 

A Bargain Too
The best part of this DIY project was that the customer was able to select knobs from our web store's one-of-a-kind hardware section where closeout knobs are discounted.
The Family Stars
Knobs are 1.5" diameter and include Nu  Duchess, Nu Duo,
Nu Ivy, Nu Iris, Nu Tiki, Nu Poppy and Nu Mini Styles 9, 11 and 12.

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