Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cherry Wood

It's probably the most popular wood choice for kitchen cabinetry and also the most diverse when it comes to color tones. I'm never quite sure if I'm interpreting the term cherry correctly so I googled "what is cherry wood, and found this explanation in

Cherry wood natural finish

"Cherry is a beautiful wood! It has an impressive look of depth where the subtle shades and hues of color seem to originate from deep within. Although the heartwood is a "salmon" pink with streaks of multiple colors running in it when freshly planed, cherry ages to dark color with reddish brown tones and strong orange/yellow undertones. The sapwood is almost white when fresh and ages to a "toasted" brown color."

Cherry wood stains

Whoa - pink, red, brown, orange, yellow, toast -there's a lot of color territory covered here!  I guess this is where I get stumped when asked which knobs and pulls go best with cherry wood. That's of course, assuming that there is a clear lacquer varnish that accentuates the natural color. There's a whole other world of cherry wood stains that opens up another completely different conversation.

Knobs and pulls and cherry...
The first thing to address beside the cabinetry are the other large blocks or fields of color that are in the room.  Starting with the floor, then the walls, the back splash and finally the appliances. It's always interesting to see how people are quick to add their comments on their favorite hue in their design scheme and will be just as quick to mention the colors that they do or do not want to accentuate.  It's all part of the design process that eventually narrows down the choices.

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