Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Get Inspired

It's an unexpected place to start my blog, but I have to mention the November newsletter from Wynn resorts.   It focuses upon all the special touches that his team of designers use in creating his fabulous hotels.

You'll note that right smack in the middle of the newsletter, there's a photo of his top designer's brainchild.   It's a house of cards sculpture, and lo and behold: our knobs and finials are the crowning glory of each playing card column that make up the castle.   There are 2 of these sculptures actually. And they both reside in the luxurious poker room (adjacent to the Ferrari showroom) of the Wynn hotel...pretty swanky digs!

There's nothing too outrageous. &  Creative applications of our products have always been a designer challenge and I love to point out the ingenious projects that started with a precious little cabinet &  knob. &  So I thought this would be the perfect way to begin my blog.   I hope that our customers will join in the fun and share some of their over the top creations and innovations.

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