Sunday, April 7, 2013

Metamorphosis of a Jitterbug Dresser

I'm amazed at how many transformations our jitterbug dresser has undergone over the years. Even a desk has blossomed from the original form. One of our advantages of working with a cabinet maker is that we have the flexibility to change a furniture piece by tweaking it's architecture.  This is how many new designs are born of course.  Altering the height, width. drawer sizes, or even the number of drawers will dramatically affect the look and even style of the piece. And that's just the structure! Details such as color schemes and cabinet hardware also play a hugh role in the design scheme as well.

Jitterbug makeup station

As I was looking through my picture files the other day, I came across some custom projects that we've done for our customers.  A classic case of "out of sight out of mind",  I was happy to discover some projects that I had almost forgotten. Here I've selected two extreme modifcations of our fabulous Jtterbug. The first is for a commercial space where we stretched the height of the cabinet from 29" – 36" to serve as a makeup station. We also straightened out the back legs so the piece could rest flush against a wall.

Jitterbug small dresser

In the second example we squeezed the overall width from 42" to 26" to allow for a night table's tight space. To give it a little wonderland feel we embellished the small drawers with 2. 5" diameter knobs.

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