Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pulls in all directions – Mapping handle placement

When we first introduced our handles I realized that unlike a knob, they offer an awful lot of placement options. You not only have to consider where you want to put it, but also the orientation of the pull itself.

Obviously if your doors and drawers are pre drilled you needn't be concerned unless you plan to fill the holes and redrill. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, at the top of the cabinet, within the paneling or on the molding,  whether determing the direction of the pull or where it's situated, these are all decorating decisions that face the designer.

For those who see their cabinetry as a blank canvas, there's no right or wrong, but just a creative exercise where the outcome is ulitmately a personal preference. Of course our assymetrical pulls such as our eels and bundles offer even more design challenges.

Keeping all this in mind, I realized that a handle placement guide could help our customers understand their options and came up with a what I like to call a my handle placement cheat sheet.

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