Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Second Helpings

Since we're creating hand made products, there's bound to be some bloopers that come out of our workshop now and then. This is when our mistakes become bargain hunter delights. There's always a better deal on irregular merchandise and there's a lot of hot picks in our seconds inventory.

As you can appreciate, we exercise tight quality control when we're filling our orders and never would we let a flawed knob jump into a box.

So what characterizes a flaw?

We put them in two categories; the invisible (only noticeable to us in our workplace) and the visible (a slight defect that doesn't take away form the beauty of the piece). It's the lucky customer who nabs the irregular with the invisible flaw.

This may be a knob, pull, finial or even a lamp, where the color is a shade off or the size is off by a hair. Sometimes these lovelies end up on our web specials. But a singular piece without a match will more than likely go into our irregulars bin.

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