Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shopping the Web for Wedding Gifts

It was a customer call from a bride to be that piqued my interest last week. She was putting together her bridal registry and wanted to add our cabinet knobs and pulls to her list for a kitchen makeover. I would imagine there are a lot of engaged couples  who already have fully equipped kitchens complete with espresso makers and state of the art wares. So why not put something out of the ordinary  on the gift wish list? There's nothing like getting a little help with a home decor project and it doesn't have to be limited to the kitchen. There are a fair share of decorating tasks for bathrooms and closets that could also use some updated decorative hardware.

A lot has changed since I got married in the low tech age before on line shopping. As much as I love the experience of roaming through the fine china section of Bloomingdales, the convenience of shopping on line coupled with the vast venue of merchandise offered up on the internet has hugh appeal.

Move over Major Retailers

But I have to admit that I'm mostly familiar with retail store resgistries. Realizing my experience was limited, I decided it was time to broaden my horizons. So I did a search for on line bridal registries and sure enough the first thing that came up was, followed by,, etc. As I did a little more probing, I noticed that expectant moms were also in on the wave of on line registry action. And then another discovery - baby furniture has a hugh presence on wish lists.

Knobs and Newborns

It's probably no surprise to anyone that I've given Susan Goldstick knobs as baby shower gifts. But making the selection  is not always easy. The hard part is not choosing the little boy blues or little girl pinks. This is especially true since we so often know the sex of the new baby and may even be privvy to the colors and design plans for the nursery.  It's the count that alway gets me baffled. Not knowing the number of drawer or doors is kind of tricky. It seems like a 6 or 8 drawer dresser should be ample enough for an infant's wardrobe. But is it? This is where the registry makes the purchase so much easier. I even got a flavor for the latest fashion and trends in nursery furnishings. Needless to say I've fast become a fan of on line gift registries.

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