Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Big Happening in Kitchen and Bath

I had the opportunity to walk the Kitchen and Bath show in Las Vegas last week. KBIS is the annual event where manufacturers unveil their new innovations. It's always exciting and inspiring to see the latest industry trends and then there are the fashions that "speak" directly to me. This year I couldn't help noticing the focus on shiny surfaces and textures with glimmer. High polished chrome fixtures, sparkling quartz counter tops, dazzling stainless backsplashes and the twinkling glass tiles - it was all gleaming at me.

Some products that are right in step with the favored palettes of 2011

I was happy to see that cabinet styles ran the gamut with a stunning selection to meet any particular taste or style. Much of the new and groovy in cabinetry showed an emphasis on what's inside the drawer or behind the door. It's obvious that lifestyle trends keep moving toward the uncluttered with everything from the coffee pot to the fridge tucked inside a cabinet or drawer.Of course, through it all I kept a keen eye on the color vibe.

Capturing an earthy tone, predominant color schemes focused on subtle blues and sandy beige accompanied by all shades of gray from metallic to slate. Spots of vibrant hues were popping up mostly in kitchen treatments primarily in sunny yellow, bits of avocado green and all personalities of orange from copper to coral to citrus. Stimulated by the show's energy,

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