Friday, June 19, 2015

It's a Super Knob!

Once again, while revisiting past projects, I found myself intrigued with one of my long forgotten concepts that feels right in step with today's style. I was leafing through an old issue of Better Homes and Gardens that featured an article about Susan Goldstick's unique decorative hardware. But what really caught my eye was a picture of a wardrobe that I had painted with knobs on a 5" back plates. I like the way it gave the doors added dimension and a little extra oomph to the overall design.

I used the medallions in my designs for a few years, including  an accessory for a drapery tieback and even incorporated the look in our Barcelona bed and Tango Tower. But it's been awhile since I've really examined this design element and I realized it was time for a revisit and a new invention. So here's a peek at the new "super knob" concept soon to be introduced in our web store for purchase.
Mini Grand tiki knob is 2" diameter surrounded by rosette and 5" medallion with  our jewel tone paint finishes. Projection  is  2.5".  This could be a fantastic way to embellish closet doors. Wow!

Our smallest petit knobs  nestled in painted layered medallions have huge colorful impact

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