Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Soft Wisps of Color for 2016

At the beginning of the year I always like to think about the celebrated Pantone pick and how I can use it in a Susan Goldstick creation. This year the Pantone mystics selected 2 colors to share the annual color of the year spot. Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue were chosen for their balance of comforting warmth and cool tranquility that offer a sense of  peacefulness.
French bridal bouquet with blushing pink and blue

It's funny how I don't immediately conjure up a vision of these colors together in a singular theme.  It must have something to do with the little girl pink and the little boy blue that makes me want to separate them as an either-or choice.

But then I think about country french motifs and how romantic and spirited these colors can be when they collaborate effectively in contemporary decor. 

2" diameter Mini knob style 7 pink 
2" diameter Mini knob style 7 blue

A Pretty Surprise
Looking through our archives of custom painted furniture and cabinet knobs, I was reminded that we've used a pink and blue color scheme in several product designs. We blended  pale shades of pink, blue and yellow for the lustrous paint finish on this Bolero dresser. Our mini knob style #7 shows the theme in 2 ways reversing the background colors and the "M&Ms". Each looks pretty yummy!

Fabulous fabrics, wall coverings and furnishings in these soft wispy colors will soon hit the marketplace. I'm especially eager to integrate the new pantone hotties into our product lines including knobs, pulls and decorative drapery hardware. A color scheme that speaks beauty and serenity is bound to grow a fan base that will thrive beyond 2016.

Hand painted Bolero dresser 45" w x 34" h x 22" dp has a quiet elegance in this soft color palette.

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