Sunday, July 6, 2014

Red and Green - When Opposites Attract

Complementary colors sit directly across from each other on the color wheel and it's an easy way to compose a decorative color scheme that is sure to be a winner. I know we all tend to think of Christmas at the mention of a red and green combo. Or maybe a Scottish tartan? And yes a foodie is likely to conjure up images of salad greens with  tomatoes. I love this complementary duo and enjoy putting together the red and green hues from our jewel tone palette.There are pairings of ruby and garnet with jade and emerald throughout our line. It's always been a fave of mine and our customers too. Here's a sampling:
Barcelona bed headboard has emerald and jade green tigress pattern that surrounds the ruby red.

Cleo knob 2" diameter is jade green and garnet with amethyst crystal.

Birdie drapery rod finial with matching bracket has garnet and jade green paint finish.

Charisma bathroom sink cabinet has jade green top. Cabinet doors are painted ruby surrounded by a blend of jade and bronze green.

Cleo double toggle switchplate has jade green paint finish surrounded by garnet trim.

Mini Tudor cabinet knob 1.5 " has garnet, bronze and ruby paint finish.

Contessa Jewelry armoire has emerald green drawers with rose and mosaic artwork in ruby jade and garnet.

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