Sunday, July 13, 2014

Soft Color Palettes Soothe and Stimulate

Decorating with tints of color and touches of white has a special allure. Offering calm, serenity  and yet nothing less than drama, it's easy to understand how people gravitate to these color schemes. Not limited to pastel hues, the design motif can also include a pop of bold color amid shades of gray, white and earthy taupe.
I perused our library of product images and was amazed at how many beautiful creations that we developed for our interior designer clientele over the years.I found some wonderful examples of knobs, pulls, drapery hardware, switch plates and furnishings. Some sophisticated, some whimsical, some simplistic - all excellent applications of soft color palettes, these are some of my favorites.

Nu Lily Knobs adorn cabinetry and complement wall covering. Photo courtesy of Vanessa Deleon Associates Interior Design.

Close up of Nu lily cabinet knob combines light sapphire blue with deep opal gray and Swarovski crystal.

Jitterbug cabinet dresser with cabriole legs has paint unique paint finishes using warm light gold, jade green and amber brown.

Jumbo Birdie Drapery hardware combines gold paint finishes with alabaster white and Swarovski crystal has always been one of our best selling window decor sets.

Corner and finial detail from Barcelona dresser shows unique artwork in a sophisticated color scheme combining pastel tones of lilac and shell pink with light teal and deep opal gray.

Birdie drapery hardware set combines silver with shell lilac and periwinkle purple with Swarovski crystals.

Combination duplex outlet and single toggle switch cover combines pale blush and silver paint finish with Swarovski crystal.

Erte Tieback has soft blend of pale blush and gold with drape and belt in various shades of mauve.

                                    Eel Ivory  knob and Drawer Pull in cast and sculpted resin in alabaster with gold and just a hint of black with  Swarovski crystal. 
Custom duo knob 2" was designed to match kitchen glass tiles and has a matching pull.  

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