Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When Iconic Creatures become Design Inspiration

A couple of years ago an interior designer contacted us to design some custom cabinet pulls for her client's kitchen. Typically a designer will fill us in all the details about the room including cabinets, floors, tiles, wall coverings, appliances, etc,  This helps us figure out the best way to approach the design of the handle.

But instead of enumerating all the elements in the decor, she told me that her inspiration was the peacock and sent me several pictures, including photos, paintings and drawings of this fabulous bird of all birds.
Then to add a little excitement to the project she wanted a variety among the 50 pulls and posed that we create several design and color combinations.

So I went to town on this one putting together a palette of turquoise, lapis,emerald and periwinkle with gold paint finishes and gold metal details.

Swarovski crystals in olivine, amethyst and topaz were the finishing touch.

Too bad I never saw the finished kitchen with pulls installed. But I took some photos before we shipped them and well-- I couldn't help creating a Ziegfield-esque formation of the peacock out of our pulls. It was fun. And the best part- a customer just recently saw my photo on and requested the same custom pulls for living room built-ins..Hope to see a photo of her finished project!


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