Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Favorite Shades of Gray

An awesome pairing with our moonstone gray paint finishes,
the pewter gray silk lamp shade adds a soft and quiet glow.

A Broad Spectrum for Every Taste

Gray is a color with diverse personalities; masculine (prominent in the male wardrobe), modern (shiny metallic) and neutral (halfway between black and white). It can feel the concrete and steel of urban culture or the subtle charm of weathered wood.

The dictionary defines it as dull or non descript without interest or character; colorless or unremarkable.  Wow! That's hardly the way we can describe this color in the decorating realm where it plays a key role in many a design scheme.
   Is gray the new white?  A new direction in kitchen cabinets with finishes that 
   vary from metallic to distressed is a hot trend with staying power.

Unlike black and white that offer high contrast and definition - gray tends to mute or quiet the color scheme while allowing us to focus on the more lively accents and neighboring colors.
I noticed that gray definitely had a huge presence in both the 2015 Kitchen and Bath Industry show and the World Furniture Market.  Cabinetry, metallic finishes, tiles, textiles, as well as case goods and upholstered furnishings all made great use of the many shades of gray.

Call it charcoal, gunmetal, smokey. the prominent shade of gray in our line is a jewel tone hue that we call moonstone. It pops up a lot in our decorative cabinet and drapery hardware because I especially like the way it works with silver metal details and diamond like crystals. The look is sharp, contemporary and easily incorporated into kitchen and bath decor with nickel and chrome fixtures.

    Mini Duo  knob 2" diameter and Nu Duo knob 1.5" diameter in
    deep lapis and moonstone. Silver metal and brilliant crystal details 
    offer a contemporary and modern flair.
Nu Carnival Knob in light gold has
scrolly artwork in  moonstone.
 Duchess Orbit pull and Nu Duchess knob in turquoise and moonstone.
show an emphasis on silver metal and silver paint finishes 
  Grand Tiki knob in ruby and moonstone is used as the finial end 
   piece on a drapery rod with silver paint finish  1 3/4" diameter.

          Tut Window Decor Set in ruby, moonstone.and silver paint 
          treatment makes a strong color statement with vibrant red and 
          shades of gray.

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