Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Greenery - This Year's Pantone Hottie

The Icon of Spring 

Think expansive lawns, leafy forests and fertile fields ripe with new growth. A vibrant shade with a tinge of yellow, Pantone's pick for the 2017 color of the year evokes rejuvenation and a revitalizing spirit, a reconnection with nature. 

It's easy to welcome this color in home decor where large windows and open spaces allow you to let the outside mingle with your interior space, enriching the ambience of the room. Just like a sky blue, greenery is a color that's ever present - especially if you live in a tropical climate or on a golf course! 

Abstract fun with eel cabinet pulls in peacock colors.

For the Birds
Designing product with this color holds a unique fascination for me where I look to the animal kingdom for inspiration. Peacocks, birds of paradise and teal ducks all sport feathers in this particular shade of green. From a creative viewpoint I love the boldness of the color and immediately want to pair it with rich saturated blues adding purple and aqua for some extra kick. 

Both exotic and mesmerizing this color scheme can have the same effect on a room's decor. It also has a masculine appeal, maybe deriving from the phenom that only males wear this magnificent plumage. Men definitely like to put blue and green together, probably a taste ingrained from childhood. Certainly it's the traditional color combination of choice for decorating boy's rooms.

Always Eye-catching                     
We have and continue to apply this radiant color palette to many of our products, including cabinet knobs, furniture and lamps. Whether it's a paint finish or silk, it all comes together in way that never disappoints. There's no doubt "greenery plus blue" has an electric magnetism that speaks for itself.
Pictured above:
Petit knobs command extra attention mounted on painted medallions.

Pictured left: 
Pixie Lamp with silk shade 22"h

Pictured below: 
Barcelona dresser with unique cabinet hardware and finials

But then again, I'm reminded that I also enjoy seeing this bright "greenery" color as a stand alone star with warm earthy browns and beige tones as the supporting actors. 


Jitterbug coffee table 
with cabriole legs 
mimics the plumage of 
a green winged teal bird. 


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