Friday, June 30, 2017

Everything Elsa - Decorating for a Disney Princess

All little girls have their favorite Disney princess. It was a conversation with my hairstylist that got me thinking about this subject. We were discussing how little girls like to dress and she mentioned that her 5 year old was obsessed with Frozen or more specifically "everything Elsa".  I get it. Clothed in a flowing gown of rippling shades of aqua and shimmering diamond like sequins, Elsa is beautiful.

But it's not only her appearance that mesmerizes. Elsa is surrounded in a imaginative landscape of magnificent shades of blue, lavender and icy white. The creation of a talented team of Disney set designers and artists, there's no doubt the background was intended to give the full "Elsa"experience.
Home Decor for a Princess 
So how does Susan Goldstick merchandise fit into this picture? Jewel-tone colors and shimmering crystals will add spark to any princess decor. I had some fun looking through our line of decorative accents and found some fantastic embellishments sure to make a princess Elsa fan a happy girl!

Unique cabinet knobs and pulls make it special.
Dresser drawers, closet doors and bathroom vanities are all great places to add decorative hardware in rich blues, aqua and dazzling purples. 
Bundle Duchess pull in periwinkle
and silver with crystal 
Nu mini Style #1 knob
in opal with crystal
Parfum knob and medallion
in light sapphire blue and periwinkle
Mini Style #1 knob in
lapis blue with crystal

Petit square knob
in periwinkle
Nu mini style #11 knob in
lapis blue and periwinkle
Orbit Style #6 pull
in lapis blue with crystal

Orbit duchess pull with matching
duchess knob in turquoise with crystal.
Nu mini style #2 knob
in lapis blue with crystal
Petit Square Style #3 knob
in lapis blue
Fancy switch covers with crystals and dazzling paint treatments - very princess like!
Glass triple toggle switch cover
in Aqua paint finish
Cleo single toggle switch
cover in lapis blue with
crystals and silver details.

Glass single toggle switch
cover in light sapphire blue
Bloomer double decora switch cover
in periwinkle with crystals 

Window Treatments with whimsical finials add a magical touch to princess decor.
Traverse Drapery rod with Birdie
finial in periwinkle and crystals
Jumbo Isabella drapery finial
in lapis blue and pearly white
can be used with drapery rods
or attached to bedposts. 
 Lighting that emits a soft lavender glow - the perfect aura for a princess.

Hand painted Petunia table lamp
with silk bell shade in orchid
Hand painted Blue Betty table
lamp with silk cube shade in orchid

Painted Furniture-You can't get more "princess"than this!
Hand painted Diva Armoire in aqua,
periwinkle and lapis blue with sculpted
finials and jeweled knobs.
Hand painted Tango Tower in
aqua amethyst, periwinkle and 
lapis blue with jeweled knobs.

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