Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Color it yours! Custom Paint Finishes for Glass Switch Covers is our Specialty

Double glass switch plate has custom paint finish created to match mosaic glass tile.
There's a bounty of beautiful glass tiles in the marketplace today that have fast become the most popular design choices for both kitchens and bathrooms. Recently I attended the opening of an exquisite new showroom in San Francisco's design district and was blown away by their selection. Art Deco, mid century modern, urban, eclectic - wow -there's a glass tile style to satisfy every decor genre. It's a magnificent statement worthy of an elegant detail. And you guessed it, this is where glass switch covers are a natural fit.

I'm particularly fascinated with the mosaic designs because they pose so many color options. We offer 15 choices from our jewel- tone palette covering a broad spectrum of colors that range from the soft pale hues to the deep and bold.
Jewel Tone Glass Color Palette
But as one may suspect there's always going to be a situation where we just don't have the right match. This is when the request for custom colors comes into play. I like the challenge because it's exciting to invent a new hue and we're pretty confident that we can come up with the right mix. To get the process started, we'll ask  our customers to send us their sample tile, or sometimes even a photo will do. Of course they should realize that custom colors may incur an up charge for the special service.

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