Thursday, August 14, 2014

Oldies but Goodies - Decorative Hardware from our Archives

Orbit Grand Tiki pulls in gold, black and periwinkle.

You can just imagine how many knobs and pulls we've created over the course of 20 years and occasionally we get a request for an item, that well -  we just haven't seen for awhile. A customer may be looking to match a knob they purchased a while ago, or one of our retailers may ask for a knob on their Susan Goldstick display that hasn't been updated. Most typically we get a request from someone who spotted a knob or handle in one of our printed catalogs that we used to publish regularly.
We  referred to the mini style 7 knob as our M & M knob.

 There are many different reasons why a manufacturer my retire a product - out of style, discontinued parts, not profitable, too difficult to produce and sometimes it may just compete with another product. Regardless, we try to oblige these requests whenever possible. I have to admit  it's kind of fun seeing these designs emerge from the workshop. It motivates me to  revisit some of the knobs and pulls from the archives and contemplate whether I should bring back a favorite from yesterday and turn an oldie into a newbie.
The nu duo  has one of my favorite colors schemes.
We called them "show stoppers " Parfum knobs have  2.5"projections.  

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