Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Portraits of a Nu Lily Knob

Many people don't realize what it means for us to customize a knob to match your decor. It's really unnecessary to alter the structure or architecture of the knob, when color plays an integral part of the design.

In our case the composition of each knob offers a resin, metal and crystal color.This presents a lot of variables,each one just as pretty as the other. Just like tweezing an eyebrow- each little tweak offers a significant change to the look, feel and even the style of the knob.
Nu Lily knob 1.5 In.diameter with crystalNu Lily knob 1.5 in. diameter with crystal

Nu lily 1.5 in.diameter knob in periwinkle and amethyst crystal

I'm not surprised that Interior Designers have always been partial to our Nu Lily knob, maybe due to its versatile 1.5" diameter size and the intricacy of the design.
Nu Lily knob 1.5 in. diameter in opal and light gold with topaz crystalNu Lily Knob 1.5 in. diameter in lilac with crystal

I love the way  the delicate crystal offers just the right measure of shimmer and color. And I'm always amazed at how different metal colors affect the decorative tone of the knob.
Nu lily kno 1.5 in.diameter in periwinkle and pinkNu lily knob 1.5 in.diameter in emerald green with amethyst crystal
Silver metal treatments tend to make the knob look more modern or contemporary. While the gold metal details offer a more traditional feel to the color scheme.

Nu lily knob 1.5 in. diameter in turquoise teal with crystalNu lily kno 1.5 in. diameter in alabaster white with crystal.

 As much as I enjoy seeing the Nu Lily in so many fashionable color combinations, I have to admit it has just as much charm dressed in all white.

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